This week I will be reviewing the tonic body range from Clarins…

My mum bought me the ‘Tonic Body Polisher’ (body exfoliator) a couple of years ago, and since then, I have never stopped loving using it! The scent of it literally makes the whole bathroom smell like a spa when you use it and it can be used on any skin type. Clarins even call it ‘the ultimate glow-getter‘ and I can definitely agree with this after using it on holiday-a time of the year when you want your body to glow! As well as this, it also tones the skin and firms the skin, meaning it’s a great product to use after a workout, even! The backs of my arms, especially, are quite dry areas, so I always focus on this area more through exfoliating; but I can be guaranteed each time I use this product that they will be a lot smoother! 

Next is the ‘Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate‘, which my mum gave me to try on holiday this year. If you want to turn your whole bathroom into a spa, then these are the products to use! Not only is it an ordinary shower gel, it is also actually ‘a concentrated cleansing treatment’, so it’s like cleansing your body, just like you would with your face. In fact, the scent of the shower gel is so invigorating (with its aromatic virtues of: rosemary, mint and geranium), that it is a great way to diminish a cold and clear congestion, with the steam mixed in, as well. I certainly always feel revitalised after using this product!

Last but not least is the ‘Tonic Body Balm‘ (body moisturiser). This product is not only another gorgeous addition to the range, but it actually lasted me through two summer holidays and more! I always like to use moisturisers that deeply moisturise my skin and this certainly does the trick and has a non-oily texture, which I like. You can even mix in some of of the ‘Tonic Body Treatment Oil’ if your skin is really dry or you want to reduce stretch marks. A perfect treatment to use after the tonic body polisher and shower gel!

by Olivia Thomas


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