Are Gel Nails damaging??

As clients you probably get bored of being asked the same questions when attending your nail appointments – ‘Do you wear gloves’, ‘Do you look after your hands’, ‘Do you remove the polish correctly if you do it yourself’. We don’t ask these questions because we enjoy it, we ask so we can know how and why your nails may look the way that they do. We have many clients saying to us ‘I can’t have Shellac because it ruins my nails’. If you look after your hands and nails, wear and use everything you can to help them you shouldn’t have a problem. However I won’t deny that some peoples nails are sometimes just not made for gel – if you work in an environment where you have your hands in water a lot (hairdressers for example) or you use your hands to stack shelves or open boxes, then you may not get the 10-14 day usage that most clients achieve. Similarly if you are a ‘picker’ then they might not last as long either!

The moral of my story is – look after your freshly manicured hands carefully, wear gloves and rub cuticle oil in at least once a day. And lastly, always follow the correct removal procedure – never peel off the polish (we can tell if you have!!!).

The gel does not deprive your nails of absorbing vitamin D or any other vital nutrients.

But remember – your hands are jewels 💎  Not tools !


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